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Kshatriya’s Towns & Villages

List of Town Names from where Raju’s Last Names were derived   Like almost all communities in India, almost

Kshatriya’s Festivals

Some of the prominent Hindu festivals are…. 1 Bhogi 2 Sankranti 3 Maha Sivaratri 4 Ugadi 5 Sri Rama

Kshatriya’s Culture

The Kshatriyas are the forerunners of Indian cultural heritage and chivalry. They have a rich tradition of cultural values

Kshatriya’s Customs

Some traditional ceremonies that are performed by the Kshatriya community of Andhra Pradesh known as Rajus. Punya-kavachanam Things Required

Kshatriya’s History

Why History ? History is important as it gives us a bird’s eye of the experience of past generations

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